2021 Hurricane Names

The name that we give hurricanes always changes. Generally, the first hurricane we see during the calendar year which exceeds 40 miles per hour is given a name that starts with the letter “A”. The second hurricane that falls into this category starts with the letter “B”. Therefore, the third is going to start with C, fourth with a D and so on.

This makes it a lot easier for everyone to identify certain hurricanes. Since we have a limited number of names that we can give to each hurricane, once in six years, the hurricane names go on rotation. You can think of it this way; the hurricane names we will use in 2021 were once used in 2010.

All and all, we will use the same names as in for any potential hurricane that we may experience in 2021. Here are the names of 2021 hurricanes.

  • Ana
  • Bill
  • Claudette
  • Danny
  • Elsa
  • Fred
  • Grace
  • Henri
  • Ida
  • Julian
  • Kate
  • Larry
  • Mindy
  • Nicholas
  • Odette
  • Peter
  • Rose
  • Sam
  • Teresa
  • Victor
  • Wanda

Again, these are also the same hurricane names we used in 2010. Given the nature of the design, we will use the above hurricane names again in 2032. The full list of hurricane names for all the years and ways to prepare for any hurricanes can be found on our front page.

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