Hurricane Coverage Renters Insurance

When you rent out an apartment or a house, oftentimes, renters insurance is required to protect your personal belongings. In case of a hurricane, you are most likely to secure what you have. However, most renters insurance does not cover damage from flooding and other natural disasters. For your renters insurance to cover damage from a flood, it must be included in your insurance policy.

Generally, renters insurance will cover your personal belongings in the event of a burglary and the physical structure of the building causing the damage of your personal belongings. Although insurance companies aren’t likely to include hurricane coverage on the policy, some do but it comes with a much greater cost.

On average, renters insurance with coverage up to $40,000 with $1 million in liability coverage costs around $30 to $40. This price will highly depend on the area you live and the crime rate will be taken into account more than anything. So a typical renters insurance will not cover any of your personal belongings during a hurricane. If that is something you are anticipated, make sure to look for that in your insurance policy.

What does renters insurance cover in a hurricane?

Renters insurance only covers your personal belongings. Unlike most might think, the homeowner insurance your landlord or landlady has only covers the physical structure of the residence. So in an event where your personal belongings are damaged, the homeowner’s insurance will not cover your losses.

Renters insurance will cover anything from your clothes to furniture to the littlest thing you own. For such a cheap price—roughly $30 to $50 a month, securing your personal property is a great deal. We strongly recommend it to the renters especially living in the apartment complexes.

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