Hurricane Season 2020 Predictions

Hurricanes are the inevitable tropical depressions to the American continent and at least one major tropical cyclone is expected to hit coasts of the continent. Typhoons and cyclones give so much damage to the surface and because of the interactions with the oceans, there is always a risk of tsunami in the region. There are so many communities and agencies that study the activities of cyclones and the hurricane seasons. They try to make some predictions on how the next hurricane season will be like. Hurricane Season 2020 predictions can be found in our post.

The last major hurricane, Dorian devastated the U.S. coast in the previous Hurricane season. A $4 billion dollar damage was reported because of Dorian’s activities in the region and 84 people died because of the disaster.

Naming the Hurricanes

The hurricane names are determined before they have occurred. The same names can be used after a couple of years, however, if a major hurricane strikes at a hurricane season, its name is not used for another hurricane. For example, Hurricane Dorian was noted as a major tropical cyclone, so the name Dorian will not be used to name another hurricane in the next hurricane seasons.

Hurricane Forecast

According to some agencies like University College London, 2020 Hurricane Season will be a little bit above an average hurricane season. However, hurricane predictions are not accurate and it is so hard to forecast the upcoming hurricanes months ago. The only element that is used to make predictions on Hurricanes is the sudden changes in the temperature. The temperature goes high more than usual on the trade winds of the region. That is considered a sign of the formation of a tropical cyclone.

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