When is Hurricane Season

Tropical cyclones also known as Hurricanes are inevitable facts of North Atlantic coastlines. Hurricanes and the seasons are recorded every year in terms of their severity, death toll and any kind of casualties.

Hurricane seasons start at a date between May 25 – June 1 and usually end on November 1 every year. The start and end dates generally depend on the strenght and the numbers of the massive hurricanes that occurred the Atlantic coastlines

This year’s Hurricane Season was placed 4. as the most active season ever recorded. When we think of all 18 named storms and 20 tropical cyclones that stormed the Atlantic, they were not that fierce ones considering the overall damage and casualties.

Being a hard target to previous years’ gigantic hurricanes, even Florida State itself was so fortunate that not a single hurricane hit the state in the last season.

What Happened in the last Hurricane Season?

2019 Hurricane Season was a weak one in every way. The total damage reached $12 billion and $8 billion of this cost was because of the most intense tropical cyclone that hit the Bahamas in the history, Hurricane Dorian. It devastated the Bahamas and left over 70.000 people homeless.

Hurricane Dorian was active between August 24 – September 10, 2019, and the death toll reached 70 when it was about to come to an end.

The Hurricane season didn’t do so much damage after the dissipation of Hurricane Dorian. Most of the cyclones were weak ones or didn’t last long.

When Does the Next Hurricane Season Start?

The start and end dates for Hurricane Seasons are generally fixed to 1 June – 30 November. But there may be differences, some Hurricane Seasons may start in May, like the Atlantic hurricane Season 2015 which was started on 8 May and lasted to 30 November as most the seasons do.

It’s better to take precautions before hurricane season starts, and you should be ready when it’s May

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