Worst Hurricane Season

Tropical cyclones forming in the Atlantic area are almost inevitable every year when the summertime is approaching. Almost every year a major hurricane is expected and even with the best precautions, infrastructure and casualties may devastate the whole region by the tropical cyclones.

Some seasons are worst because of the human casualties, and some are for the financial damage. However, the worst hurricane season on the record is considered the year 2005, in which Hurricane Katrina ruined the Atlantic coasts.

A Hurricane season should be measured in every way possible. The casualties, damage to the environment, the animals, plants, and humans should be taken into consideration when it comes to measuring how bad a hurricane season is.

2005 Hurricane Season

We would like to talk about the 2005 Hurricane Season since it is considered the most active, costliest and deadliest Hurricane Season ever recorded in history. When 2005 Hurricane Season was active, over 3,900 people died because of the catastrophic damage caused by the major hurricanes like Katrina, Stan, Rita, Wilma, Stan, Arlene.

2005 Hurricane Season devastated the Atlantic coast but during its end, the final hurricanes didn’t deal so much damage to the environment. However, we would like to give you brief information about the major hurricanes of the 2005 Hurricane season.

  • Katrina: The costliest and one of the deadliest cyclones ever, Hurricane Katrina was one of the most terrible natural disasters of human history. It is well known by most of the people living today because it’s been only 15 years after it hit the Atlantic. $125 billion in damage and almost 1,900 casualties were reported after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Rita: Hurricane Rita is the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the region’s history. Around 100 people died and $18.5 billion of damage was reported after Hurricane Rita.
  • Wilma: Hurricane Wilma is the deadliest and costliest after Hurricane Katrina with total damage of $27.4 billion and 87 human casualties. It was the most intense tropical cyclone of the Atlantic hurricane season history.
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